Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Necessary items are being carefully selected and camera gear is being tested and double checked. Weather reports are a regular patch from zip codes of the different locations we know we will be visiting or passing through. There has been an “all-points-bulletin” transmitted to all hotel, motel and rest stop locations to be on the lookout for four wide-eyed grandfathers and worse traveling in a silver colored Silverado traveling west… Don’t quite know what we have done yet, but they are prepared for the worst. Wall Drugstore in Wall, SD has nailed down all 76,000 square feet as they ready themselves for the onslaught. Rushmore has dawned sunglasses so they will not be overwhelmed with the flashes of new found fame. Walter Winchell is turning over in his grave missing the fanfare being stirred up by these despots from the southland!

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