Saturday, September 26, 2009

The image is of Wayne, Russ and Rusty in front of the almost TP as we crossed into Saouth Dakota. Bob was behind the camera. We will get him inot the shot tomorrow!
We made it to the Badlands! We are ready to pay our visit there in the morning. After the Badlands we will go to Mt Rushmore and Wall Drug Store.
We have never seen so many miles of acres of corn! Green corn, yellow corn, trimmed corn, old corn and corney corn, I mean to tell you we have seen CORN! Wayne is calculating the fact that there is more than enough corn to fead every man, woman and child enough corn that no one shoud ever want for food EVER! Corn flakes, corn mush, pop corn, cornbread, hominy, Grits, corn on the cob, corn tortillas, fritos, other inferior corn chips, corn oil, ethanoll and so much more. Did we mention we saw a bunch of corn? We even fulfilled Wayne's obligation to his mother-in-law to visit the corn palace. Lord knows we have seen a lot of corn!
We saw a beautiful view coming down though the Missori Valley at sunset on I-90 as the corn slowely faded from our view... More tomorrow! Time to get wome sleep before we visit the BADLAND

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  1. Boy, you better watch out! They might just keep you in the "Badlands."
    I love ya!!