Thursday, October 1, 2009

Hello to all from Zion National Park, Utha!
We pulled out from Logan, Utah this morning heading southbound through Salt Lake City under a clear sky and on to Penquach, Utah (I know I misspelled that location, but it means “Big Fish” in Indian) and visited Red Valley where the Hoodos are rocks standing hundreds of feet from the base of the canyon, It was unbelievable in beauty! We drove through the park and took more than a bunch of photos. There were two ravens sitting on one of the elevation signs, we were looking for a cup to drop change in for their show… They just sat there and let us run around close enough to touch them and take pictures. They were a scream to watch! The elevation here rose to more than 9,000+ feet. I can’t wait to tell my grandsons that today we spit more than near two miles! We found a super friendly place to stop for lunch where we spoke with many of the locals. They told us about the Red Canyon location that we passed through to get to Bryce Canyon. Bryce Canyon National Park is a breathtaking place to go through with tunnels carved through the mountains. They have windows carved through the walls of the tunnels. We wondered how they had any idea of where to cut curves to the left or right while carving through the mountains… We figured they would cut windows and stick their heads out to see where they were and carve some more. The switchbacks and roads were beyond belief. You could look below to see the roads winding below us to reach the base of the canyon. The beauty was beyond any words other than WOW! We arrived early enough to catch the late afternoon and evening sun in the canyon and on the areas that will take your breath away. We stopped early this evening to stay the night in Springdale, Utah where Bryce is located. We will go through the canyon in the morning via their tour bus system to catch the sunrise and see sights that you can’t see from your automobile. It is all part of the $25.00 per car pass price. We purchased lifetime senior passes for all the National Park system for $10.00 each while we were at Rushmore. We have saved about $200.00 already as we can visit any National Park for no additional charge… What a deal!
We enjoyed Tia food for supper and are turning in earlier tonight. We will continue on to Page, AZ tomorrow to the Grand Canyon and on from there. We have clicked about 3,500+ miles so far since last Friday.
More tomorrow! We will post more images tomorrow. We are tired tonight.

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