Thursday, October 1, 2009

The threat of heavy snow in Yellowstone had us move out of the area and head south. Weather was calling for from 6 inches to 2 feet in the area. The snow was coming down as we pulled out from breakfast. When we came out from the restaurant the accumulation had begun. We headed west through Montana and south through Idaho to enter The Grand Tetons from Jackson Hole. We were delighted with the Grand Tetons! The views were amazing with the heavy cloud cover as the snows were still falling in the higher elevations. We are up this Thursday morning and ready to head further south for Zion and more new things to see. We will have new photos later this evening. Have a great day! The Wild West Bunch! (Note: The quality of the images are not always of the top nature as not all four of us are professional photographers like Russ and Bob... Rusty and Wayne are trying...)

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  1. Lee passed away this afternoon. Don't know any of the plans yet, but will let you know.
    Love you,