Sunday, October 4, 2009

Hello to all!
We were not able to get on line last night as we were in a no signal area. Saturday we did the North Rim of the Grand Canyon we went to Jacob Lake and to Vermillion Cliffs and across the Colorado River to Page, AZ came down through Kaibito and on to Kayenta where we had a real tuff time finding a place to stay. We came back to Anasiza Inn, owned and operated by Navjo Indians. This is one of the nicest places, but no internet, thus not blog.
We got an early start this morning heading through Mexican Hat for Natural Bridges and on to Moab, UT. This afternoon we went to Arches National Park. We will go back to Arches again in the morning because of the beauty! Russ said we need to get a dictionary as we have run out of adjectives like WOW, beautiful, unbelievable, stunning, awesome, totally awesome, and breathtaking and well you can tell, we have run out…
I am taking a beating from all three for introducing “Hello, my name is Russ Johnson, I am from Atlanta” to everyone I meet. Now all three of my fellow travelers are also introducing themselves as, “Hello I am Russ Johnson from Atlanta” to people they meet. They think they are so funny! I don’t see the humor…
We can’t wait to get home to show off the images we have captured. I called our pastor Terry Fleming last week to share with him how beautiful the Tetons were with the falling snow. That was before seeing some of the other sights. Zion was great until we found Canyonland and the Arches. We have enjoyed eating at small local places to get a taste of the area in the locations we have visited. We would strongly suggest to anyone to make this trip as a part of their “Bucket List” if not before! WOW!I am attaching a few more images tonight that again will not even begin to represent the trip! More tomorrow.

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